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Visiting Offices in Japan? 2013/7/8 23:30

This is my first time going to Japan (for 2 weeks in September), but I studied Japanese for 3.5 years (can have day-to-day conversations) and just graduated with Computer Science.
I really want to know what the work culture is like in Japan for my profession and would love to experience it firsthand with a tour of a software company showing the "inner workings".

Does anyone know how I could do this?

Thank you!
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Re: Visiting Offices in Japan? 2013/7/9 10:25
I would imagine "inner workings", especially of a software company, would definitely classify as proprietary and not available for the average person. A personal contact within the company would be a must to say the least, but even then, I don't think they'd be willing or able to give you a tour. It seems much too "difficult" an endeavor to explore.
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Re: Visiting Offices in Japan? 2013/7/9 10:42
I agree with the above poster. If you want to see inside an office, you will need to know someone personally (still it will be a big favor to ask, particularly at a software company), or come as part of official university visit (by invitation), or for internship. But as you say you are coming only for two weeks, I guess you are no considering any internship at all.
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Re: Visiting Offices in Japan? 2013/7/9 14:07
Thank you for the replies! What you say makes total sense.
Luckily, my company has a Japan branch, so I will talk to my manager on this tomorrow.
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