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Do you know any japanese subcultures? 2004/10/15 06:41
Hi there!, I was wondering if someone knows something about japanese subcultures others than otaku, goth and ganguro, and talk a little about how they dress, how, they act like and things like that.
by Kaoru  

About Japanese Subcultures 2004/11/18 04:09
I kind of just happened to stumble over you quest about Japanese subcultures. The truth is, Im not japanese. Neither am I an expert on the subcultures of Japan. BUT Im VERY interested in them. Maybe we could share with eachother the little we know and talk about stuff like that?
I COULD tell you about the Fruits style... THis is a very "kawaii-based" style, where youre supposed to pack as much clothes and accessories into one outfit.
You might have seen pictures of them? And you DO know, I hope, about the Gothic Lolitas over there .Theyre really cute!
Anyways. Ill tell you more, if youre interested.
Im from Sweden, by the way, Im an 18 year old girl, and my names Ingrid.
Bye Bye. (Mataneeee!)
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wheeeeeeeee 2005/1/19 05:34
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Gothic Lolita 2005/1/19 06:51
There's Gothic Lolita, which has lots of different types of styles within it. It's mainly victorian doll-type clothes with alot of lace. The aim is to look more like a child, or a creepy gothed-out china doll. Mostly they act very shy and childish, they stand pigeon-toed and look at their feet, but somtimes they act like living dolls. Some of it's inspired by Goth and some punk, and some is more angelic with lighter pastel-ish colours. I'm pretty awful at explaining this, i'm not japanese myself. Im just very interested by japanese subcultures. If you type 'gothic lolita' into a search engine you'll probably find lots of information on it, essays by western GLs and online shops and things. Oh, and there's the gothic & lolita bible. That has lots of nice pictures. Alot of people scan it and put it up on the web.
Besides Gothic Lolita, I think there's cosplaying, which is dressing as an anime character or something similar. And there's that sailor-suit-schoolgirl trend.
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subculture of fashion 2006/8/4 11:11
Hi - I am just wondering if you know the name of the subculture of the girls and boys who have lots of fake tan and blonde hair and big sunglasses -

Thanks heaps,
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Ganguro 2006/8/4 13:04
Hey, Helen, the subculture you're talking is called Ganguro. You can look it up on Wikipedia. They have an article on it.
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Gaguro photos and videos 2007/2/27 16:31
Ganguro were popular in the 90s but they are still around Shibuya and Ikebukuro. There's photos and videos here
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Very long post -_-" 2009/7/21 06:03
Weel, seeing as I consider myself something of an expert on this matter *cough*arrogant*cough*, I figure I ought to say something, but be warned, most of these are not popular on the slightest.

There's visual kei, which you probably know as a music genre but it's a subculture as well, and it's many subtypes: Angura kei, Oshare kei, and KoteKote being a few.

Bosozoku biker gangs, which explain themselves. Wear jumpsuits.

Lolita, and it's equally large amount of subgenres.

Neo victorian, Aristocrat, Madam, and EGA which are for lolis which grew up a bit and is basically various styles of Victoriana inspired clothing.

Cosplay, Otaku, and anime fandom, obv.

Wota, fans of japanese idol singers.

Decora, often mistakenly called FRUiTS after the magazine which popularized it.

Gyaru, kogal, ganguro and the like deserve a mention as well.

Kegadoru, Maid cafes, akibakei, and other such akihabara culture.

Natural kei, a forerunner of Lolita, but that scene is mostly dead nowadays, which is a shame 'cause they rocked.

Theres Nip Hop, which suprise suprise is japanese hip hop.

And they do borrow some of or trends, remember. You'll find goths/emos/preps etc over there, maybe not as many but they're there. Thankfully normally not chavs, though.

And who could forget japanese schoolgirls, not a subculture as such, but still the amount of them wearing teir uniforms around town makes them a part of J-culture.

There are prolly more, but thats all that comes to mind. And you'll all be bored to death by now...

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