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Dual citizenship 2013/7/11 21:40
I was born in Saipan USA, my mother is Filipina, my father is Japanese. I have both an American birth certificate and a Japanese certificate. I just turned 18 last week and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to choose 1 citizenship? Or am I entitled to a dual citizenship. What are the grounds for this dual citizenship anyway? I've seen so many answers and they're all different. Does anyone know where I can get a legit source? Help please!!!

Am I entitled to a dual citizenship or not?
How will you be able to get a dual citizenship? I know it's difficult to get and all but I would like to know.
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Re: Dual citizenship 2013/7/12 12:03
I sugest that for the most accurate answer to your question is for you to contact: 'The Japanese Consulate' in your capital city where you live. Such an important question should not rely on unknown persons answering your question. Yor local telephone directory should have the number and address of the consulate.
Good luck.
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Re: Dual citizenship 2013/7/12 13:50
You are required to choose by Japan at 22, or is it 21, but not by the US. Japan has not jurisdiction over your US nationality. They cannot revoke your US citizenship, even if you declare that you choose Japanese nationality. You can only lose your US citizenship by formally renouncing it in front of a consular officer, and even then, depending on the circumstances, it is possible to regain it.

You are eighteen, you should get passports for both countries now.

The US State Deptartment should have information on their website, probably Japan does as well. You could ask at the consulates of both countries, but sometimes the advice given there is not completely accurate. If you are really concerned about this issue, you might want to seek legal counsel.
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Re: Dual citizenship 2013/7/12 13:52
Should read: Japan has no jurisdiction
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