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Looking for old Japanese films in theatres 2013/7/12 22:00
I have found a few links to some theatres but unfortunately, like most Japanese websites, there are no English.
During my last visit some years back, I remember a seeing a small cinema in Tokyo that shows old Japanese classic films.
Anyone know where to find them in Japan(anywhere) and whether they have English subtitiles ?
Or is there any Films Archive library where the public can go in to select movies to watch ?
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Re: Looking for old Japanese films in theatres 2013/7/13 09:47
During my visit to Kyoto last November I visited 'The Museum of Kyoto', situated in Sanjo Street Kyoto. This magificiant old building was originally the Kyoto Bank of Japan Branch built in 1906. It now has very modern extensions to the original building housing historical and cultural displays of kyoto, facinating and superbly displayed. There is also a modern 'movie theatre' in this complex which daily shows 'old' mostly black and white Japanese movies, I think they
date back to the 1930's?. If you go to Kyoto I highly recommend this 'Kyoto Museum' and especially the theatre if your interested in old Japanese movies. I recall that the corridor entrance to the actual theatre had a large display of old movie posters and black and white photos on the walls of famous film stars etc. as part of their permanent exhibition. their web addres is:
Address: Sanjo-Takakura, Nakagyo-kyu kyoto. Tel: 075-222-0888 Fax:075-222-0889...I have taken this onfo from a brochure I kept. I will be visiting Kyoto again this November and will certainly visit this great museum complex again. Hope this info helps you.Perhaps just Google 'The Museum Of Kyoto'
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