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National Parks out of Hirosaki & map codes 2013/7/17 16:04
I have opened every link and read all the answers about map codes but have been unable to find an english version on the web. I will be hiring a car at Hirosaki and going to Shirakami-Sanchi and Towada Hachimantai National Park.
I would appreciate some advice about map codes (specifically for these two parks) where I have no phone number to put into the GPS. Any advice or hints about driving to those parks and what to see and routes to take would be gratefully received.!
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Re: National Parks out of Hirosaki & map codes 2013/7/18 09:48
What specific locations are you looking for in those 2 regions? For Towada Hachimantai National Park there are some mapcodes in the following (3 pages).

For Shirakami Sanchi there are some in the following (3 pages).

If you can read a bit of kanji the Mapion site is very good in finding mapcode as it can pin-point the exact location on the map. For searching places around Shirakami Sanchi you can start with the following page.

For places around Towada-ko you can use the following page.

Actually you don't have to be bounded by the 2 quoted sample mapion pages as you can zoom in and out and move the cursor to other area or region on the map.
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