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Skin reaction to the water 2013/7/19 04:14
My son has been living in Osaka for 3years and suddenly seems to be getting a bad skin reaction to the water, he says one day he had a bath and the water felt different! Maybe chlorine or something had been added, has anyone else had this problem? It looks like excema or dermatitis, also his hair seems to be coming out!
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Re: Skin reaction to the water 2013/7/19 10:30
People often complain that Japan uses more chlorine in their water than they may be used to in their home countries, and excess chlorine can contribute toward his symptoms by overdrying his skin and hair (causing breakage). Does the water have a high chlorine smell?

It could have been a temporary increase, as recently where I live they had to add a bunch of chlorine to the water supply temporarily to counteract something else that got in the water. They issued announcements by PA system not to use the water during a certain period, and it was easy to miss if you weren't paying attention.
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Re: Skin reaction to the water 2013/7/19 19:39
Actually, I think it's worth asking your neighbors the same question. Or if your son is expecting a doctor's appointment or even a hokenjo exam, that is a good opportunity to consult about it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Osaka once was infamous for supplying one of the worst waters in Japan. Meanwhile, you can ask for non-chemical bath salts at your nearest natural food shop or trustworthy drug store. Take care.
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