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Ukiyo-e in Airplane 2013/7/19 19:51
Good day,

I just purchased woodblock prints (around 46*33cm by size) in Tokyo and I'm wondering what is the best way to transport them in the airplane? I'm worried they'll get damaged, but the man at the shop said it would be a bad idea to roll them up in a cardboard tube...

Does anyone have experience with this? Suggestions are quite welcome!!

Thanks so much.
by Jake (guest)  

Re: Ukiyo-e in Airplane 2013/7/19 23:30
By those measurements, it seems to be rather small, at 12in x 18in roughly. Depending on the airline, I would assume you can ask the cabin attendant to stow it somewhere safe, away from the overhead compartments. I would ask the airline.
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Re: Ukiyo-e in Airplane 2013/7/20 00:23
Do not roll them up.
my recommendation is to cover them in plain, acid free paper, [ not newsprint] which you can get in a frame shop, then layer them between two heavy cardboard sheets[also available at a frame shop]. Tape the "bottom" to make a folder, being sure as not to contack the paper or prints. Tie the bundle with string in a way that can be untied,[ to show customs] Do not check them as baggage. carry them on. Make sure you have the receipts to show value ect. Also, carry a spare length of string in case it gets tangled or cut by customs, so it can be re-tied.

Alternatively; you could ship [mail] them
have them professionally packed. And insure them, keep the receipts on yourself in case you have to make a claim.
You should be ok either way.

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Re: Ukiyo-e in Airplane 2013/7/22 08:50
Definitely don't roll them up.
When we have bought ukiyo-e in the past the shop has always packaged them for us, knowing we would be taking them home.
They were packaged as per peters suggestions, ie acid free paper and thick cardboard, and we then lay them flat in the bottom of our case.
Good luck and enjoy them!!
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