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MEXT research application docs question 2013/7/22 19:02
I would really appreciate it if someone could clarify the following two questions on the MEXT research application documents (if you had already gone on a research through this program all the better):

Q1) The first course you plan to take in Japan (日本における最初の入学希望課程)
i) Research student (研究生)
ii) Master's degree course (修士課程)
iii) Doctoral course (博士課程)
iv) Professional graduate course (専門職学位課程)

... No problem here, but this question is somewhat related with the next.

Q2) Term you wish to study in Japan (日本における最終的な希望留学期間)
Please mark either a), b), c) or d) with circle (次の4つから選択し、〇をすること。)

a) Only a research student's term 研究生のみ
b) Until the master's degree course completion 修士課程修了まで
c) Until the doctoral course completion 博士課程修了まで
d) Until the professional graduate course completion 専門職学位課程修了まで

... There's no explanation about what this actually means... If you go as a research student, thus obviously checking i) in the Q1, and you check a) in Q2, does that mean that you can not apply for the master's degree later while you're in Japan?

Thank you in advance
by Arupan (guest)  

Re: MEXT research application docs question 2013/7/25 21:18
Yes, it means you need to decide now. ;)
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Re: MEXT research application docs question 2013/7/29 11:50
hi, sorry to 'hijack' this thread ^^

but I might have a 'reverse' question than yours.

for Q1, I thought every graduate student applicant needs to be a research student before they could apply a degree program (master/phd)?
does this mean you could go directly as a master/phd student rather than have to go through the research student phase?

as for Q2, I'm actually find it pretty clear. IMO, if you just want to go to do research (non-degree program), you take the first answer. if you plan to enroll into a degree program, then you take either of the next three answer.

cheers :)
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