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Driving Romantic Road 2013/7/31 12:11
I have seen a previous post on Romantic Road from 2012, thank you. We are travelling to Myoko to ski in January 2014 and have 4 days in Tokyo (which we have visited before and loved) and we would like to experience traditional village atmosphere and beautiful scenery off the main road. We are a family of 4 and no we do not speak Japanese but will try.
We would like to pick up a hire car in Ueda (Nagano) and drive to Nikko where we would drop off the car and travel to Tokyo via train. Some of this road is closed in winter.
Is it worth travelling this road in winter - maybe not as nice/pretty?
Is there another option to bypass the road closed during winter.
We were hoping to do it in 2 days?
Hope you can help.
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Re: Driving Romantic Road 2013/7/31 15:12
Not Nice.

R120 around Konsei-pass[] before Nikko winter closed long late Dec to next Apr by deep snow.
(R means National Road)

Konsei-pass tunnel : Elevation 1840m
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Re: Driving Romantic Road 2013/7/31 15:27
:-( Thank you for your speedy reply. May need to find another 2 day road trip.
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