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Second hand or cheap laptop in Tokyo 2004/10/17 15:22
Could you please tell me where I can buy a second hand or cheap laptop in Tokyo (shops or through internet)
by Binh  

Cheap Laptops or computers 2004/10/28 10:27
There is none that will meet your criteria. You have to wait for sale time (sometimes from HP). Of course , you can consider the sayonora sales/ads but be wary though.
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Akihabara 2004/10/28 12:07
You can get second hand laptops in the north western area of Akihabara (electric Town) That is the computer part of Akihabara, and you can see these in the back streets around there.
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second hand 2004/11/9 18:52
Joshin have started to sell second hand laptops or check out http://www.primepc.jp
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I was going to do this last year 2008/8/6 02:35
But was surprised at the price of used machines in Japan. I bought a new one when I got home. You might try Mouse computer. They have a shop in Akiba.
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Good idea to buy used 2008/8/6 06:51
SoftMap and HardOff have used computers at good prices. They range from junk stuff to new older models.
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? 2008/8/6 12:06
Stan you were surprised in which way? (They are cheap or they were expensive??)

And where is "home"?

I've seen lots of cheap laptops around Akihabara.
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