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Kyushu Food Recommendations 2013/8/3 17:03
I'll be visiting Kyushu for the first time later this year, our visit will be late October/ early November.

I have already read about many of the local specialities (and am keen to try them) but would particularly appreciate specific recommendations for restaurants that you think are worth seeking out.

We have:-
2 nights in Kumamoto
2 nights in Kurokawa Onsen (dinner included both nights so only looking for lunch options)
2 nights Yufuin (intending to visit Usaki and Beppu during day times)
2 nights Hakata / Fukuoka (hotel right by Canal city/ Yatai stalls)

We are happy to just wander around and pick what we fancy, but if there are particular places worthy of a concerted effort to visit, would love to know.

Thank you!
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Re: Kyushu Food Recommendations 2013/8/4 11:59
I recommend Uma Sakura in Kumamoto, where you can have an entire course meal of horse meat, the local specialty, prepared in many different ways:

Kurokawa has not many restaurants. I found the atmosphere of the Ufufu very nice:

And of course, yatai in Fukuoka. Just pick the one that looks most interesting (or maybe least scary - depending on the person) to you.
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Re: Kyushu Food Recommendations 2013/8/4 16:39
Thank you Uji!

How would you compare Uma Sakura with Sugano-Ya for horse meat in Kumamoto? That's the recommendation I have on my list so far.

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Re: Kyushu Food Recommendations 2013/8/6 01:03
I think the restaurant AJI DOKORO NAKA in kurokawa onsen street is nice.
If you ask locals they usually rave about DAGOJIRU.
but you can also get them in Kumamoto city.

I am assuming that you will go usa-shi ,I would recomend SEIGETSU-DO.
its a small japanese confectionery shop close to usa temple. I like TORAMAKI,

here in Fukuoka, my favorite is KOKIN-CHAN.

and, if you come to kyushu in beginning of novemnber,
you should go to saga!!
there are traditional and attractive festivals.
saga international baloon festa :
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Re: Kyushu Food Recommendations 2013/8/19 01:05
Thank you, much appreciated!
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Re: Kyushu Food Recommendations 2013/8/19 01:08
By the way, we did consider going to Karatsu for the festival but even when I checked for any hotel or ryokan 8 months in advance, there was no availability (and I preferred to stay in the town rather than in another town farther away). I had an agent check to see if they could find anything and they were unable to help either.

So in the end, my itinerary is Kumamoto (2 nights), Kurokawa Onsen (2 nights), Yufuin Onsen (2 nights) and Fukuoka (2 nights) and we will have a rental car from leaving Kumamoto till we arrive in Fukuoka so we will visit some other destinations as well.

We have the Saga balloon festival already in my notes and may visit but as the main activities are only in the morning, that will depend on routes/ timings.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.
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