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Information about kimono I have 2013/8/4 04:16
Family has a Kimono that we have had for some time. I am trying to find some information about. It is orange with gold threading of flowers and gold outlined white birds with some designs throughout the robe. I can attach some pictures if would help.

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Re: Information about kimono I have 2013/8/4 20:29
Sounds like 打掛 uchikake - a wedding gown.
It is similar tø the one on this page I guess?
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Re: Information about kimono I have 2013/8/4 23:17

Yes, do upload a picture. And tell us how old the kimono is, or at least how long you've had it. But that may not be enough. Honestly, the discription doesn't really tell me if it's a uchikake or not.

The best thing you can do is to visit a Japanese community near you, or better, visit a used kimono shop if any. Shops that just sell brand new kimonos may not be knowledgable enough. Be sure to contact a second hand shop.
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