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registering company name kojin jigyo 2013/8/4 22:19
I am looking to start my own business on the side of my current job.

I have thought of a name that I would like to register and set up a website, establishing an on-line presence.

I want to register as a kojin jigyo company, what I want to know is it possible to register the company name first? Or is my company name included when I register as a kojin jigyo?

I would like to postpone the actual start of the business until I am ready to accept money for services. In the meantime I want to secure my business name.

Any advice?
by j.newbie (guest)  

Re: registering company name kojin jigyo 2013/8/11 12:21
Same here, you can take a look here


using a automated translator is enough to understand, its quite detailed.
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