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Any Hype For Pacific Rim Movie? 2013/8/5 12:14
Is there alot of hype & promotion for this Hollywood homage to giant monsters vs robots? Does it look like it'll be received well? Will there be theaters showing it subbed? Alot of fans in the US are hoping it does great since it didn't do very well here so we can get a sequel/prequel.
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Re: Any Hype For Pacific Rim Movie? 2013/8/5 13:04
Personally I don't feel that it is getting much hype here. I saw one ad for it at the movie theatre the other day. In comparison I've seen about 10 ads for Emperor since that same day.
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Re: Any Hype For Pacific Rim Movie? 2013/8/5 22:49
yllwsmrf, are you sure?! It is indeed hyped, because Mana-chan is on it and its her Hollywood debut.

The little girl already was a huge star in Japan and she did a fairly big appearance on Lilico's corner last weekend, which is one of the biggest TV plots that movie-goers look forward to.

I think the Emperor movie needs posters, because otherwise people are going to forget about this serious yet high-budget movie. On the other hand, the kaiju generation guys will automatically go to Pacific Rim, and the younger guys will go as well, because of the director and the action scenes, and maybe Mana-chan, and well, Rinko.

That said, imported movies itself is not doing as well as it used to be. Before summer vacation, all top 10 movies were once all domestic.

Oh, by the way, almost all high-budget movies get sub-titled and released in Tokyo area in one way or another.
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