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Matsuzaka gyu in Fukuoka 2013/8/9 20:49
Travelling to Fukuoka with my wife and would really love to try Matsuzaka beef when we are in Fukuoka.

Do anyone know of any restaurants selling it in Fukuoka?

We are not able to leave this area for the short duration of our stay, so we cannot travel to Matsuzaka or Tokyo for example.

Thank you for helping.
by Sashimipete (guest)  

Re: Matsuzaka gyu in Fukuoka 2013/8/13 21:40
I think, this is difficult to eat Matsuzaka beef at restaurant in Fukuoka.

But if lunch bag, you can buy it at JR Hakata Station.
There is shop "KakiyasuU" in Amu Plaza Hakata on the first basement level.
TEL 092-413-5770

Or, other shop is in #60 Ippin-Dori.
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Re: Matsuzaka gyu in Fukuoka 2013/8/14 14:34
indeed, matsuzaka beef is famous all over the country,
however, in Kyushu district including fukuoka, miyazaki beef or saga beef is more famous.

here in japan, there is a conpetitive exhibition of japanese cow.
miyazaki beef has won the championship 2 times in a row.
and saga beef is also the highest class.

but its commercial message is only for kyushu region and people outside do not know about it.

I recomend chinya.
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Re: Matsuzaka gyu in Fukuoka 2013/8/15 04:09
If you may OK saga beef, you can eat it at restaurant "Kira" in Fukuoka.
http://jasaga.or.jp/kira/hakata/index (Kira Official)
http://goo.gl/ml2E8u (Google Maps)
Lunch is from 1,300 yen.
Dinner is from 3,000 yen.
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