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Active disaster relief organization? 2013/8/9 22:29
I've been looking to find an active disaster relief organization that I could apply for for any future disasters such as earthquake, flood, etc. I've been looking around online but the only organizations I see are for Touhoku earthquake relief and any updates were a bit outdated. I'm watching the news right now and see flooding that hit hard.
I want to sign up for any volunteering I can do actively as much as I can in Japan as I can speak Japanese and have many loved ones in Japan.
I'm really passionate about volunteering and I have some experiences volunteering at other countries.
Please, if you know any very active volunteer organizations for any future disaster relief, let me know.
I am an American citizen. I can speak Japanese well (My kanji is little lacking but speaking wise, I have no problem). I'm a university graduate.
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Re: Active disaster relief organization? 2013/8/10 19:01
Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center is constantly recruiting volunteers, not just for the Tohoku earthquake but for other disasters including flooding. Their English website does not list every location/activity they are carrying out, so if your Japanese is at an advanced level, check out the Japanese language page.

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Re: Active disaster relief organization? 2013/8/12 20:28
It's Not Just Mud :

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Re: Active disaster relief organization? 2013/8/14 01:36

If you mean you want to go to new disaster points, it's usually more practical to focus on the specific location rather than a organization.

For example, which flood are you talking about? Usally the municipal's website has the most updated information on volunteering.
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Re: Active disaster relief organization? 2013/8/14 11:36
Thank you so much. I will definitely look into those organizations!
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