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How much money 2013/8/12 00:35
Hi Guys,

Me and my brother are going to Tokyo October 1st until the 12th and we will be spending the nightlife drinking in bars and the days looking around various districts etc

Does anyone have an idea of how much money we should be taking?

Many thanks
by Rinupanu  

Re: How much money 2013/8/13 04:33
It depends on how much you want to spend, and how late you plan to be out drinking. I didn't go to many bars, mostly drank with friends I made at the hostels I stayed at, but I do know that the trains don't run very late and cabs can be very expensive.

I suggest you take the time to research the areas you want to go and plan to go to bars either close to your hotel, or budget accordingly for cab rides.

Some bars will make you pay cover charge as well, and that can run as high as 3000 yen per person. You still have to pay for drinks on top of that too.

I took 100,000 yen ($1000 CDN) with me and I was down to my last 2500 ($25.00) two days before I left Tokyo. Mind you, I bought a lot of souvenirs and gifts while I was there, but that was my focus.
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Re: How much money 2013/8/13 04:42

Thanks for the reply, we will probably be staying out quite late most nights and very late on the weekends, there's some good rum bars, pubs etc that are open until 4:30am so we will probably be getting a taxi or walking back to the hotel! we are staying in Hanzomon chiyoda and probably be going places like Shibuya or Shinjuku, Ginza etc I am going to try and plan but a lot of the nights will probably be unplanned as we will probably want to do a bit of adventuring I guess more than $1000 then?
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Re: How much money 2013/8/13 05:53
More than likely yes. It's also advisable to remember that the next day's hangover can be just as costly! :3 I find fresh watermelon works well, and it's very inexpensive at combini for under 200 yen.

Also, find out what the Customs and Duty rules are for your country before you go. If you choose to take back things like sake, shochu, or umeshi, your country may only allow so much to return with or without duty. Some countries only allow people to travel with a certain amount of cash too, so be advised of that before you leave.

Other than that, have fun, be safe, and don't get arrested. In Japan, they can hold you for 26 days without any contact to your embassy if the police feel the need. :D
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Re: How much money 2013/8/13 08:30
I'd say get ready to spend around 100 dollars a person every night on drinking and going back to your hotel.
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Re: How much money 2013/8/13 12:56
Drinking all night long is the best way to get in trouble. Better be ready to go to a detox clinic after your vacation.
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Re: How much money 2013/8/13 17:54
Thanks for the replies guys.

Thanks for the tips Amyranth, and we are not looking to get in trouble! just trying to experience as much of Tokyo as possible.

So I guess we are looking at around 100 a night like 10,000 yen?
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Re: How much money 2013/8/14 01:15
10,000 doesn't sound bad. But make sure you budget enough for a cab, because again, cabs are expensive! If you bring 10,000 for the night, and 4000 of that ends up as cab fare, you'll blow your budget very quickly.

I don't think anyone is ever looking for trouble when they go out drinking, but it sure is easier to find when you're drunk! XD
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