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ECC Japan Bound, any good? 2004/10/20 00:02
Had a look at the website for ECC Japan Bound and they give all this spiel about the ''most progressive package'' for people wanting to teach English. So does it live up to the claims?
by Henry  

yes 2008/5/16 07:27
I worked at ECC in Osaka for about 8 months. The package they have is really good. Compared with people I talked to while there, some other schools were definitely worse. The only drag with ECC is that they only hire out of Toronto (maybe it's changed) so you have to get there for the interview. Beyond that, I would totally recommend it.
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esl cafe 2008/5/16 08:19
Have a look on the Japan branch of www.eslcafe.com

ECC and their recruiting has been discussed there many times, along with everything else you could want to know about teaching in Japan.

Usually the feedback about ECC is fairly positive, I think.
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not so bad 2008/5/16 10:39
i've worked for them and they are better than most. there are a few ECC workers in my apartment building and they seem pretty happy
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