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Buying Japanese contemporary ceramics 2013/9/3 13:01
I want to buy contemporary ceramics, pottery (plates, bowls) in Osaka. Affordable prices. Good examples of different techniques, colours & glazes for domestic use. Where should I go?
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Re: Buying Japanese contemporary ceramics 2013/9/3 15:24
If you are in Osaka only, I recommend to go to department stores first.There are tens of stores near JR Osaka stn and Namba as well. Dept.stores are good place to buy good quality crafts like ceramics, I often buy some from them - even thou my husband doesn't want to use them as he has to be nervous.They are not always affordable thou. My mother used to live near Shigaraki so we drove there and bought good and affordable ones. It is probably the best to go to somewhere like that. Kansai airport should have Tachikichi store and they have some too. Good luck.
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Re: Buying Japanese contemporary ceramics 2013/9/5 20:01
What sort of ceramics?
For utilitarian domestic ware we go to Doguyasuji, near Nankai Namba station. This is the place to find all the table ware used by restaurants. Very reasonable prices.
For beautiful ceramics, if you go to Kyoto, then Chawan Zaka on the walk up to Kiyomizu-dera has a wonderful range of local contemporary ceramics.
Good luck!!
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Re: Buying Japanese contemporary ceramics 2013/9/6 09:43
The Osaka Japan Folk Crafts Museum, crafts and plates of slipware are on display.
The museum shop (ミュージアムショップ)of this place, folk arts all over Japan are sold.
It is also have never been to me, but a variety of crafts and dish is likely to be able to buy more than 1000 in Japan folk art museum.
This building, located near the Namba.
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