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iPod translator apps 2013/9/4 04:23
I recently purchased two translator apps for my iPod. They're called iVoice and Translate. Both of them have good reviews. Has anyone used either of these apps?

While they may do a good job with languages like Spanish, what I want to know is if they will do just as a good a job with Japanese.
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Re: iPod translator apps 2013/9/4 11:08
Do you mean google's translate app?

I've used both ivoice and google translate and they are basically the same. I think iVoice has a better interface and also includes a marginally useful phrasebook, so I'd probably use that one between the two.

As for the quality of the translations, it seems that they are both based on google's translation database which is reasonably ok for Japanese. Most translations end up kinda funny in one way or another, but you can usually get the basic point across.

One thing to note though is that they need an internet connection to work. That may make them useless once you are on the ground, unless you plan to get mobile internet. Also consider downloading Imiwa? (formerly Kotoba) which is a good, free Japanese-English dictionary. It works offline too.
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Re: iPod translator apps 2013/9/4 23:25
I use jibbigo, the translations is pretty accurate.
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Re: iPod translator apps 2013/9/5 11:04
I tried jibbigo out and their translations seem much better. They also offer paid language packs so you can use the app offline.

The downsides are that their voice recognition system is weaker and a lot buggier than ivoice or translate. They'd probably be better off using the built in voice recognition, but that requires a data connection. Plus their speaking voices are noticeably more robotic sounding.
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Re: iPod translator apps 2013/9/27 11:21
I just found another one on the Narita Airport website called NariTra. Its translations seem much better than the other ones. The downside is that the speech recognition is a little weaker so you're usually better off typing in the input (or using apples better speech recognition instead).

Here's the link:

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