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Need help on online translation 2013/9/5 16:35
I am planning my Japan trip and my biggest problem is understanding the websites as there are mostly in Japanese.
I have seen several messages that mentioned you can use google or firefox translation. I have never used such functions and I am very inexperienced in this field.
Is it possible that anyone can teach me here how to check translations or must I enquire it elsewhere ?
I can recognise or figure out the places name in kanji but nothing more.
Thank you.
by Lee (guest)  

Re: Need help on online translation 2013/9/5 19:02
Type 'translate' in your google search bar, top of he results should be 'Google Translate', open that page, then there'll be a box where you can enter text or web pages to be translated and drop-down menus to choose which languages. Just cut & paste the URL of the page you want into that box and ensure English is selected, it normally works for me.
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