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Can sushi be cooked or only raw? 2004/10/21 13:15
I was unable to find whether or not sushi is always raw. I am going to be traveling to Japan and the idea of eating raw fish just turns my stomach. People have told me that it can be cooked while others have told me that it is always raw. This is something that I am interested in trying but not if it is all made with raw fish.
by R Klassen  

... 2004/10/21 15:29
I was unable to find whether or not sushi is always raw.

Sushi is never raw! Basically sushi is a dish which contains cooked rice, which has been prepared with vinegar.

The sushi rice can be served in countless different dishes. Some involve raw fish, others involve cooked fish, grilled fish, vegetables, fried eggs, etc. etc.

Here is some basic information on sushi:
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sushi 2004/10/21 15:36
The rice is of course always cooked, but the topping (neta) are mostly raw. But some cooked ones come to mind: steamed shrimp, eel, egg, and sometimes seaweed. If you don't eat raw fish though, you will find your choice quite limited.
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not only sushi 2004/11/12 15:37
Firstly I'm wondering why you're going. In any case, sushi is only one small part of the cuisine of Japan. perhaps you have only had poor quality sushi - there's lots of that around outside Japan.
by Jpapa rate this post as useful

Sushi 2004/11/12 16:36
Well, there is also sushi made of fermented fish, but I guess that might be a bit difficult too, right? ^_^. Well, first of all and lucky for you, there is a lot more to Japanese cuisine that doesn't include raw fish, so don't worry, you'll have a good time. As Uji-san pointed out, if you happen to go to a sushi restaurant, go for the sushi's with vegetables or egg, etc.
On the other side, the sashimi (raw fish) of which the idea makes your stomach turn doesn't taste the way you imagine it, I'm sure. It is neither perceived as fishy nor raw when eating it. It is very delicate in taste and texture. I would be surprised if you still dislike it after your first bite. Get a beer, empty your mind and dare take that first bite ^_^

Have a good trip, even if you skip the sushi.
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... 2004/11/12 17:47
If you had a chance to try the authentic sushi, you would have known why it was so expensive and treated like the king of Japanese cuisines. Having the authentic oo-toro in the Tsukiji fish market, I have never imagined the raw fish have such an incredibly fresh and rich taste! It is not your typical stinky old fishes in the usual fish markets!! Yours must be cooked but theirs must not!

Do you know even Japanese cannot afford to eat such sushi like gems so often? Never miss the chance, though it may cost more than dozens of fish fries.
by Sushi Bomber rate this post as useful

Sushi versus sashimi 2005/8/13 09:48
Americans are confused what is sushi and what is sashimi.
For some reason, they think they are the same. Sashimi is raw fish and sushi is the rice roll the sashimi or other ingredients are rolled into or on top of. I think that's why the person's question is confusing to most Japanese.
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raw? 2005/8/13 15:22
Not everything is raw.

Sushi is just the style of prepared rice as mentioned before. Most of the food is luke warm or semi-cold so it gives the effect of being raw. You can basically tell whats raw when you sit down. A lot of the glassy or clear colored fish is raw. You can always ask also. The staff might not speak english though.
by injapan1979 rate this post as useful

How to say "is this cooked?" 2005/8/14 18:21
Raw things = nama mono

How do you say "cooked things / cooked food" ?

How do I ask "is this cooked?" ?

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Is it cooked? 2005/8/16 01:01
Kore wa jubun ni kanetsuchori shimashita ka?

Is this (food) cooked thoroughly?
by I. Ron Cheff rate this post as useful

raw? cooked? 2005/8/16 11:41
If you'd like to know if the food is cooked not raw, you can ask
"kore wa hi wo tooshite arimasuka?"

hi wo toosu = to cook
(same as "kanetsu suru" but more colloquial than "kanetsu suru")
by usako rate this post as useful

To mm 2005/8/18 07:33
Since most sushi selections feature different types of raw fish, then it would be easier to ask if it is raw.

Point to the menu or display and ask:
"Nama desu ka?"

If he replies with a, "Hai," then you will probably want to follow up with the statement:
"Nama wa chotto..."
and let the sentence trail off with a slightly embarrassed expression.

That way you let the sushi chef know that you're looking for cooked sushi (such as shrimp, eggs, etc.).

What will follow will probably be a whole lot of pointing, but at least your chef will know what to suggest and what not to suggest.

Happy eating.
by Old Ant rate this post as useful

ありがとう 2005/10/4 02:40
Just want to confirm ... is this the correct Japanese writing?

hi wo toosu


Thanks again.
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Try It 2005/10/8 21:31
Long ago I also never wanted to try raw fish. The thought of it was disgusting. Even now I hate a really strong fishy flavor. I did overcome my reluctance to try and now find many types of sashimi and sushi to be incredibly delicious. I hope you experiment a little and discover that raw fish isnt all bad.
There are other "cooked" choices available though if your not ready.
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Yes 2007/9/1 17:48
There are some "Aburi(Gurilled) Sushi" restaurants in Japan.

Grande Mita B1F
2-17-29 Mita
Minato-ku, Tokyo

"Tsukiji Kurose"
Tsukiji 4cho-me Bld. 1F
4-10-16 Tsukiji
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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