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2 good friends stop contacting same time 2013/9/14 03:54
This summer, I met on this website several Jp persons, and in the end at least two of them (two girls) became close friends with me. I'm a man in my early 20's, so are they too.

Both of those girls contacted me after I left an ad. So this friendship with two girls in NOT the result of an attempt from me to start a dating relationship.

I wrote mails in Jp with both of them, both were pleased to talk with me, and, even better, both proposed me to talk on Skype during August.
In the end of August, I had video talks on Skype with both of them. (a precision: I say ''both'' all the time, but they don't know each other at all and I am not considering this to be an unfaithful behaviour because they are not my girlfriends so I consider that I can talk to many girls at the same time).

All my Skype talks were great and interesting. I was talking in Japanese in both those talks, so did they. We laughed and had good moments. One of them asked me to Skype again soon after, this is what we did. The other one told me the same, and we were ready to talk again.


Suddenly, in the very end of August, those two girls suddenly stopped mailing and replying. At the same time (I mean, in the same week). Now we are in mid-september and I got no news at all from them. I feel really ill-at-ease because I was so happy to exchange with them, and I was thinking ''finally, I DID make long-term friends on this website''. Now I feel like once again my penpals disappeared.

However after a few days I suddenly started to think: Maybe there is something related to university in Japan ?? (the 2 girls are university students). Maybe september is an exam-period in Japan? So they stop replying for one month?

I don't know...

So here is my question: is there something special that happens in the japanese universities during this period of the year?
I just know that the summer vacations in Japan last until mid-september.

Or is it just a japanese tradition to avoid long-term friendships ?? I don't know...

What makes me feel strange is that, none of my two penpals talked about any exam, before they disappeared.

Can you try to explain me what happened?

If that story had happened to one girl only, I wouldn't be so shocked. But, two at the same time, is too big to be a coincidence..
And once again we were FRIENDS and not lovers. We NEVER talked about anything related to relationship of physical appearence. And we were HAPPY to exchange. Both of those girls were enthusiast and even proposed me to talk again and again.

Sorry for this very very long message. I just wanted to make sure that you would analyse better the situation.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: 2 good friends stop contacting same time 2013/9/14 11:44
In Japanese schools including universities, usually school year starts in April, summer holiday from July to August, and 1st September the new term starts.
Obviously students have a lot of free time in August, and they do become busy in September.
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Re: 2 good friends stop contacting same time 2013/9/14 12:18
I agree with the person above. They were probably "shooting the breeze" on this website.

College is harsh.
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Re: 2 good friends stop contacting same time 2013/9/15 22:11

As you mentioned, unlike Metropolitan high schools where vacation ends around the end of August, university vacations usually do last until mid September.

But that also means they may get busy preparing, and depending on their curriculum, many do need to study for exams or get their summer vacation homeworks done (that's what you get when its not the end of your school year!).

Also, this weekend and next weekend are both long weekends (3-day holidays), so they might be going somewhere.

You can always send them short notes to see what they're up to.
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