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How to become a vet in Japan from Canada? 2013/9/15 23:31
I've always wanted to become a vet since I was of the age of 3. I am now 15 years old and I want to become one more then even. I also have always wanted to move to Japan after high school. I realized that I couldn't do both which is to study veterinarian medicine in Canada and move to Japan after. I can't do this because Japan and Canada have 2 different learning systems. So, I plan on going to the University of Hokkaido to study to become a veterinarian. I am also learning Japanese but I am only a beginner! Any helpful tips or ideas to;
1)Learn Japanese
2)Get accepted into Hokkaido University
3)Become a vet in Japan if you are a gaijin.

Thanks you !! :)
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Re: How to become a vet in Japan from Canada? 2013/9/16 09:26
If you learn the language, pass the exam to the veteriary study department of Hokkaido University, graduate, then you can get licensed in Japan as a vet. But note that certain occupations come with national license, which means if you get licensed in Japan as a vet, that's where you stay (unless there is some program in Canada to recognize Japanese license).

People who want to attend university in Japan usually attend a language school in Japan full-time for a year and a half or two years to get their language proficiency to a level where they can follow classes in Japanese, so you are looking at many years of studying before you can become a vet.
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Re: How to become a vet in Japan from Canada? 2013/9/16 10:18
One important thing people should keep in mind:
Japan is very homogeneous and people don't really go toward foreigners.

I mean in Canada, it may be OK for you to consult a black doctor or an asian vet but I can hardly imagine japanese consulting a black doctor or a caucasian vet.

A lot of people who own pets are old, I see a lot of old people with dogs in my neighborhood
and I cannot imagine them taking their dogs to a caucasian or black vet.
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Re: How to become a vet in Japan from Canada? 2013/9/16 12:33
Not to mention that learning a language take many many years.
I could speak, read and write English when I came to Canada, but had no clue at all about many idioms (I thought that "see you later"meant that the other person would come to my place a few hours later) and no clues about all sorts of very basic things and customs that natives take for granted.

It was very hard, even though my mother tongue and English use the same alphabet and have many words in common! Japanese idioms and customs will take you many many years before you are somewhat at ease..
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Re: How to become a vet in Japan from Canada? 2013/9/16 16:17
I know an Ethiopian working as a vet in Japan(Osaka) and running his own Vet clinic.
He is originally from Ethiopia who had studied pharmacy in the US. Then he met his future Japanese wife then move to Japan, studied veterinary medicine at Osaka City University school of agriculture. He is fluent in Japanese, speaks almost like a native Japanese speaker despite he's started learning the language late.

The vet as a job is very popular, probably so does in Canada. It's hard to get in the course of Vet in JP especially for those foreigners. I recommend you to gain a science o or medical degree in Canada before you will start vet studies in JP.
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