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Any experts on Japanese tree varieties? 2013/9/16 05:12
I'm trying to figure out what type of trees are featured in a particular photo of a house in Nagano Prefecture.

The tree in the middle of the house:

The trees around the house:

Any help identifying these trees would be immensely appreciated!

Thanks :)
by Jon (guest)  

Re: Any experts on Japanese tree varieties? 2013/9/16 23:01
I admit that I am no expert, but I sense it would be very difficult to figure out what trees they are from those photographs, since you can't even tell the shape of the leaves.

But the one focused on the right-hand side of the first photo can most likely be a maple, just because if I were the designer, I would place a maple there since many locals look forward to the changing of the colors of maple leaves and because the leaves shapes do look vaguely like maple.

On the second photo, it's just too hard to tell any of the ten or more trees that are shown there.
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Re: Any experts on Japanese tree varieties? 2013/9/19 13:56
I can't tell the names of the trees in the photos (the one in the courtyard is definitely a maple) but I have seen them in many locations outside Japan.

By and large most trees, shrubs, flowers in Japan are similar to those in the Northern hemisphere..both Europe and North-America.
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