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Taiyaki question - gift for friends 2013/9/16 08:02
Hello. I've visited these forums for a while now but have never posted before. Recently, there's been a sudden inclination of mine to resume cooking and baking after a long hiatus and I wished to surprise some friends of mine by learning to make taiyaki. I've seen many videos on how they're made but I would've liked to personalize each one. The first thought that came to mind was to brand each of their names onto an individual taiyaki. Barring that, is there any other method that taiyaki is generally presented to a recipient such as in a wrapper or paper (was thinking of personalizing that if the branding idea is out of the question)? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
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Re: Taiyaki question - gift for friends 2013/9/16 09:40
As "taiyaki" in Japan is more of casual snack we buy at stalls and eat along the way, often standing outside or walking, there isn't any proper way to "present" it as a decorated gift.

I know one of taiyaki chains simply puts it into a paper wrapper, and when I asked for a plastic bag to carry it in, they said sorry but no, as it gets the taiyaki too moist (theirs was freshly baked and very warm).

You can be simply creative with the wrapping the way you want, once the taiyaki has cooled down a bit :)
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Re: Taiyaki question - gift for friends 2013/9/16 11:53
Like the previous poster said, Taiyaki is a casual snack.
Sometime people do buy them and give them to their friends or family, but not as a gift.
Another point is that taiyaki cannot kept long, should be consumed on the same day it is made.
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Re: Taiyaki question - gift for friends 2013/9/16 13:59
In other words, homemade taiyaki itself would be a super surprise!
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