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Do Japanese write love letters? 2004/10/21 23:56
I just want to know if they also write loveletters since i haven't received one from my japanese boyfriend for 3 yrs.
by hana  

Love letters 2004/10/22 10:08
Some do, some don't.
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?!?! 2004/10/22 10:48
If you haven't heard from him in 3 years, he's not your boyfriend.
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hmm... 2004/10/22 11:33
obviously he's 4gotten bout u so...get ova hm! no, rite him a letta!!!!!
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Let him be straight forward 2004/10/22 11:39
Sorry,I know that Japanese can never easily tell you their minds.Long absence indicates he is nolonger interested in you.Try to reach him for an assuarance.Goodluck.
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thanks 2004/10/22 11:56
Thanks for your answers. So sorry, amm what i mean is that we have been going steady for 3 years and we are still dating but i haven't received a birthday card or any sweet note from him. I usually send him letters especially if i am assigned somewhere or even if i am in japan but haven't received one from him.
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Please Mr. Postman 2004/10/22 12:15
Love letters by males have existed in Japan for at least 15 centuries.

However, in the 42 years of my life dating more than a dozen Japanese men, I can't recall recieving love letters from any of them.

I remember writing romantic letters _to_ them every once in a while, but they never wrote me back even though they still dated me seriously (I don't mean, all dozen dated seriously, but...).

Oh yes, my husband gave me cards with short comments on my birthdays, but that stopped after a few years. We're still married, btw. I recently wrote several emails to my very good male friend of non-romantic relationship. After my last email saying write back, he finally responded saying, "Writing emails makes me depressing."
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thanks so much Ms. Uco 2004/10/25 01:33
I was relieved with your answer to my question. I think i will just don't mind receiving one from now on. Again, million thanks to all.
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thanks so much Ms. Uco 2004/10/25 01:54
I was relieved with your answer to my question. I think i will just don't mind receiving one from now on. Again, million thanks to all.
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very strange but true 2007/4/11 14:28
i have never heard of that since i came to japan.Taking the assumption of every situation having anomalies,there are some who could be writing.The
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. 2007/4/11 16:05
I receive love letters from my J-boy quite often... must just depend on the guy I guess.
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. 2007/4/11 22:09
Made me laugh reading the first few responses to this thread. It reminds me so many people actually read things the wrong way unintentionally.

I'm surprised to hear Uco-san speaking from experience that she didn't get love letters from the men she dated.

I think if you're doing long distance relationship, then it is expected. If you often see each other on a daily or weekly basis, then most men wouldn't bother.

Stopping to write little messages on cards after a few years is expected. By then people have taken things for granted, the spark has died, the relationship has peaked and instead of love, all you have is responsibilities (or not).

As I often say, this world is just so predictable. Yawn.
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... 2007/4/12 00:00
Well, I never had long-distance relationships. Btw, note that this thread started in 2004. I recently noticed from young people's comments that people REALLY don't write love letters any more. They send short notes on their cell phone instead.
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. 2007/4/12 01:47
You are right that this is an old topic. Didn't notice it at all. I bet this could have been written in 1900BC or 5000AD and still someone will find some relevance to their own experience though.
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2/3 J-guys 2008/6/2 19:41
Its a little late to respond, but I felt I had to answer this one. In my 22 years of life I have been close to 3 Japanese males. I am an American female living in the US. Of the three the first I met when I was 16 and he was 19. My friend was a Japanese guy from Japan who was temporarily living in the US with his family. Our relationship never went beyond that of platonic friends, but when he was in Japan we realized that we loved each other more than friendship. For three years he wrote me beautiful love letters and sent handmade gifts. Even though he was a shy person who didn't speak a lot of English, he conveyed a lot of emotion to me through his letters. He wrote weekly often sending another letter before I had the chance to reply to his last one. When I was 19 I began dating a half Japanese guy who was born in Japan but raised outside since junior high school. He was also very verbally affectionate, writing letters often when we were apart. He continued to do this for the entirety of the 3 years we were dating. He had no problems writing "I love you" and "I miss you" though his letters were less moving than the first who was more poetic/creative. The Japanese guy I am dating now is a Japan-born, Japan-raised guy living in the US. He is definitely not the romantic type though he appreciates my efforts. I think I would be in shock to actually receive a love letter from him. Because of our differences in attitudes I doubt the relationship will last as long as the first two. Even though he doesn't write love letters, he can still be very passionate at times. It all depends on the guy, but I'd advise you to try to find the romantic type. I have found that guys who are devoted to you and expressive about their love for you will be the most satisfying partners.
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