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Vegetarians in Tokyo 2013/9/24 05:59
Hi, I was wondering what your favourite vegetarian restaurants are in Tokyo? I don't necessarily mean 'Vegetarian Only' restaurants, just places with a decent vegetarian selection
I usually have trouble finding somewhere safe to eat! (though I do like Freshness Burger)
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Re: Vegetarians in Tokyo 2013/9/26 10:57
I'm not a vegetarian, I don't think I will be. I love veggies though, 1 year ago I saw A very reasonably priced vegetarian café with a vegan menu that includes their particularly popular eYogi Burgerf,various drinks and a range of vegan desserts. I wasn't disappointed with the food there and Inokashira Park located nearby
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keats 2013/9/27 21:13
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Re: Vegetarians in Tokyo 2013/9/27 23:06
Hello :)

I'm also Vegetarian and feared I would encounter major problems with my eating preferences.

I'm already mentally prepared to have fish in my soupstock or bonito-flakes on top of a salad, because.. well... Vegetarian often means ''No big meat chunks in your food'' for Japanese people.

ARC(Animal Rights Center) sent me this awesome link! :)

I don't know how up to date those entries are, but even if only 1/10 is correct it's a good buch of restaurants!
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Re: Vegetarians in Tokyo 2013/9/30 20:31
You could always ask the waitress/waiter of course. If you think you're ordering a veggie-meal, tell them you want no meat in your meal.

Useful words:

No meat = Niku nai
No fish = Sakana nai
Veggies only = Yasai nomi

Tag on "onegaishimasu" to be more polite.
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Re: Vegetarians in Tokyo 2013/10/1 03:50
Have you seen this site? Just search Tokyo.

If strictly vegetarian, I wouldn't advise you to go to any restaurant. I'm lacto-ovo vege, but I decided to be flexible, as long as there is no piece of meat or fish in my dish.
Still, I came across a few dishes that actually had tiny pieces of bacon or ham in them, while you would expect those dishes to be vegetarian and they told me that there is no meat in them.

It was 2005, though. Oh, I went to this place in Sunshire Alpa in Ikebukuro. There was nothing for me on their menu. I only had 40 minutes until going back to work. There was a tomato, lettuce cheese and ham sandwich, so I thought I could ask for one without ham. So I asked to a waitress.

A minute later, she came back and asked if I'm really ok without ham. I said ok, as I was vegetarian and didn't eat meat, or ham. She went away.

A minute later, a waiter came and asked if it was really ok without ham. I said I didn't eat meat or ham and was quite happy with a cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwich. My non-vege boss had been already served with her dish and she couldn't believe what was happening to me.

Now the restaurant manager came out and asked if it was really ok. I said yes, as I already told twice to your staff. He said he would still have to charge the full price and would not been able to give me a discount for not taking ham (!!!). I'd have paid extra if they had let me eat what I asked and go back to work in time.

It might be safe to go for vege options at a macrobiotic restaurant?? I tried one, but I thought my dish was a bit bland. Not sure if many are like that. I haven't been in Japan since.

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