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Exchange Student help 2013/9/24 10:14
Hi, i'm a 15 year old boy and want to do an exchange program within the next two years to Japan. But I have a problem...

I'm REALLY afraid of feeling alone because of the language barrier. I am self studying Japanese and have a very basic understanding of the language.

I know the exchange would help my learning, but i'm afraid I won't be able to communicate and feel left out.

Any suggestions?
by BlooMikado  

Re: Exchange Student help 2013/9/25 11:20
Total immersion can do wonders to kickstart language acquisition, but I wonder if your anxieties are more about socializing than communicating. Either way, both are much easier if you exhibit an outgoing personality.
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Re: Exchange Student help 2013/9/25 11:52
If you're in an exchange program either the people sharing the school dorm with you or your host family will do their best to include you in activities and make you feel welcome.

As a new foreign student you'd probably attract a certain amount of attention and curiosity from classmates so they will probably reach out and try to be friends with you. In my experience Japanese people love showing off their country and different sites/restaurants and various other things. A lot also speak much better English than you're imagining so I'm sure there will be some people in your classes that will do their best to speak with you in English. And with even beginner Japanese you can actually get pretty far in conversations as long as you have a willingness to communicate.

Also technology makes it fairly easy to stay in touch with friends and family back home so you won't feel completely cut off from the world even if it does take you time to adjust and make new friends in Japan.

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Re: Exchange Student help 2013/9/26 06:35
Thanks SO much for the help!^^ ありがとうございました~!
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Re: Exchange Student help 2013/10/4 13:40
You will be fine! Just go out and explore more about the country by take a step out to different places.

By meeting many people, lisitening to people who speaks the languages, you will be more confident and feel excited about your life in Japan.

This is a page to check all the updated and interesting news. Maybe it can help you to explore Japan:)
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Re: Exchange Student help 2013/10/5 04:52
Oh! Thanks for the advice~
And, thanks for this link~!
It's useful^^
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