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Thomas the tank engine? 2004/10/23 00:07
Anyone knows where can I find the information about "Thomas the tank engine" in Japan? e.g. theme park; big store; museum etc.
by Barry Lam  

Thomas the Tank Engine 2004/10/23 10:54

I wasn't aware of any theme parks or museums based on Thomas, but any decent sized toy shop or department store will have Thomas-related items.
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thomas land 2004/10/23 11:01
Thomas Land in Fiji-Q Highland themepark near Mt.Fuji has its website (Japanese).
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THOMAS and the Gang 2004/10/24 03:09
Hi Barry:

I will be in Fuji-Q from 14 Nov to visit Thomasland AGAIN for the second time as my sons (4 and 9) are fanatics. It's a beautiful park and there are many things for the adults to do but you have to be brave. The travelling time from Shinjuku station can take quite long but once you reach Otsuki Station, there's a real Thomas train to board to Fujikyu Highlands!!!

For buying Thomas, any Takashimaya and Isetan has them fully stocked and there is also the vending machine (between Y100-200) where you will find small cute Thomas, Percy etc.

In Thomasland, there is a store that sells EVERYTHING about Sodor.

We will also be staying in the resort and you guess it ... The Thomas the Tank Engine room.
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Thomas 2004/11/4 14:16
I actually hv some similar question. How near is the Highland park to Mt Fuji? wl be travelling to Mt Fuji but wl like to go Thomas Tank park as well. Will hotel be able to help?
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... 2004/11/4 18:01
How near is the Highland park to Mt Fuji?

It is just at the foot of Mount Fuji! In the town of Kawaguchiko:
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Shinjuku to Thomasland 2005/1/19 13:07
I wil be travelling with my children to Japan in April. We will be staying in Shinjuku and I was hoping to visit both Thomasland and Shinjuku. How long does it take to get to Thomasland from Shinjuku and do you know if there is a convenient way to get from Thomasland to Tokyo Disneyland.
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Thomas the tank engine ? 2005/3/30 12:40
Thanks for info about thomasland. We would love to visit there sometime in late Apr, but we were wondering any english guided tours available in there..
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thomas 2005/3/31 02:10
I was in the park in 2002.
And there is no need for a English guide.
It's just a rollercoaster park with the highest and the fastest rollercoasters in the world.
And also other fun things.
When there is bad weather or quiet weekdays in Autumn or Spring-Winter some of the R.C. are closed [ask at gate English ok].
Thomas land is a small part of the park and the trains are just standing there.
I can't remember if there are any moving things there.
You can buying tickets;
1. for the whole park and you can get in every machine as often as you like.
2. Only entrance and when you want into a R.C. or other thing you can buy a ticket from a vending machine.
Thomasland is free when youre in the park.
Be aware that it could be very crowdy so i suggest to go on a weekday or on Saturday.
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Opera and Theatre 2005/3/31 06:02
Hi. I need to get my hands on some of the publications that reflect Theatre and opera shows in Japan. Can anyone tell me where you would look to find shows playing, time of the show and so on. I need the titles please. ANy help would be highly appreciated.
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english website 2006/1/17 19:26
here is the English version of Thomas Land website:
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thomas the train rocks 2006/11/17 00:00
I wish i could see thomas the train website with English and with pictures
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Directions to Thomas Land 2007/10/24 12:28
Can someone provide me with the EXACT directions to Thomas Land i.e which station and how should i get there from the station
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FUJIKYU HIGHLAND 2007/10/25 00:33
Though it is a Japanese page

It goes from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Otsuki Station by Chuou Line, it transfers, and it goes to
the Fujikyu Highland station in Fuji Express line.

Or, it is from Shinjuku in the high speed bus to 100 minutes.
Here is recommended.
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Thomas Train 2010/6/1 09:47
Upping this old Post again.

Does anyone know how to get the trainshedule/ prices etc for the Thomas Train from Otsuku Station?
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Re: Thomas the tank engine? 2012/1/23 10:56
I realize this is way too late an answer for the original question but may serve someone with the same question. The Thomas Train timetable is listed here


The top two tables are for Otsuki to Kawaguchiko, the the bottom two are from Kawaguchiko to Otsuki. On the former table, Otsuki is at the top, Fuji-Q is second from the bottom. On the latter, Fuji-Q is second from the top and Otsuki is at the bottom. The gray column is for weekdays and the pink column is for weekends and holidays.

As you can see, it runs only two times a day, to and fro. If you are trying to get to Thomasland (Fuji-Q), on a weekend day trip, it may not be a real good choice because by the time you get to the park it's already past noon. Going back is the same story, you have to be out of the park by 1PM.

The park lets you re-enter so I suggest you go out of the park, take the 11:23 or 14:24 train (not a Thomas train) to Shimoyoshida Station (apprx 10 minute ride), where they have some freight cars and an old long-range express passenger car (you can board them on weekends) and take a look around them until the Thomas Train (12:08 or 15:05) rain going back to the park arrives (about 30 minutes if you take the afternoon train on weekends) and you can be back at the park and still get on other rides. As a nice little addition, any child in or below elementary school arriving at the Fuji-Q station on the Thomas Train will get a "ride certificate" as an souvenior.
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