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my friend's twitter 2013/10/13 22:57
Hi I have a problem . please tell me what you think and what I should do.
I'm a Japanese, female,20 years old.

I have a friend who's from other country. I met him on Internet.
I've been known him for 1year.
I do know he is very kind and good friend .
He is a organized person and have never asked pervert thing .
but when I saw his twitter account ( He didn't tell
me his account, but he linked where the website we met) , I found that he followed Japanese and other
country's porn star.
is this common? shouldn't I care about it?
I didn't tell him about this.
following porn star isn't shameful?
I think he doesn't mean to hide that because as I said he linked his account on Internet site everyone can see.

give me your opinion and advice , please.
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Re: my friend's twitter 2013/10/14 11:36
"is this common?"

I just google'd Lisa Ann, a famous porn star, and she has 554,000(!!!) followers. So yes, it definitely is.

"shouldn't I care about it?"

Why should you? It's his interest. People follow dumb celebrities and TV personalities all the time, so I don't really see the difference.

"following porn star isn't shameful?"

Porn stars have been glorified in the entertainment industry. Just take a look at Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, both of whom have absolutely no talent, but are famous because of their sex videos.

Now, why should you even care? Do you have feelings for him, or are you scared he's some sort of creep/pervert? Although in either case, I'd say it wouldn't matter. It's normal. If you really want to know, you can casually bring it up in conversation with him, but my advice would be to just not worry about it.
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Re: my friend's twitter 2013/10/14 12:27
is this common?
Yes, especially on Twitter. Just like how you might follow Jinnai Tomonori, or another famous person, Men will sometimes follow porn stars.

I follow a few on twitter because they post interesting news stories, or funny jokes.

Shouldnt I care
Not really. Hes never said anything perverted to you, and he might just be following these stars because they were on a radio show he likes, or a new TV show, and thought they were funny.

My advice
Read his twitter to see if he has tweeted at these stars, and are the things he said perverted, or jokes.
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Re: my friend's twitter 2013/10/16 22:11
Thank you for all your advice .
I really appreciate!
Your advice are so useful.
I didn't know following porn stars is common.
actually, I don't feel good because they tweet too sexy pictures . I can't think he follow them because their tweets are funny.
but thanks to your advice, I try to think from other point of view .
Thank you much.
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