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Kanji tattoo help 2013/11/3 06:18
I am thinking of getting myself a tattoo with some kanji, à small one of course, easy to cover in case needed.
I was mostly thinking of combining "ai" (love) and "tsuki" (moon). Is it possible to combine these or would it look weird? According to wwwjdic the combination leads to different names, and I dont want to be mistaken for it being my lover's name.

Any suggestions?
by Jojo (guest)  

Re: Kanji tattoo help 2013/11/4 13:07
Yes, it would look weird and it wouldn't make sense.
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Re: Kanji tattoo help 2013/11/5 04:01
Think before you ink.
Don't defile your body.
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Re: Kanji tattoo help 2013/11/7 12:30
To some one who can speak/read Japanese, yes it will definitely look weird. About as weird as some one putting "love Moon" on them in English. For every one else who doesn't speak/read Japanese? It'll all look the same, and you can tell them that it means lovely moon or what ever you want.

My suggestion, if you're going the Japanese direction with your tattoo, maybe pick out a haiku or something you like, confirm the characters, and go that way. at least it'd make sense.
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Re: Kanji tattoo help 2013/11/16 23:18
If you don't mind that it will have hiragana character between "ai" and "Tsuki", I can suggest 愛しき月(Itoshiki Tsuki) meaning "lovely moon". Basically, I can not figure out the words with these 2 kanji by being said "I would like to make 1 word by using "ai" and "tsuki". If you give me exact English words or phrase(ig. lovely moon) and what you want to mean in it, I can have proper Japanese translation, terms and words.
Well, Also, If you do not want to have hiragana, my best suggestion is... asking monk at temple.... they know how to combine kanji according to buddhist term and how to make buddhist name for you or spirts by telling what you want to mean in those Kanji. Monk is good at to making those words and terms which make sense and look cool since they always make buddhist name for spirits when people who is belong to their schools die.
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