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Omiyage candy export 2013/11/3 15:05
I has grown really fond of the omiyage in form of candy available in many japanese souvenirshops. Is it possible to import these from some online shop or something? Or is it "forbidden" to export?
by Jojo (guest)  

Re: Omiyage candy export 2013/11/7 09:45
I have no idea where you live but have you tried www.global.rakuten.com/en

They post worldwide, and offer almost anything. Food and sweets are included. Have no idea about costs though.
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Re: Omiyage candy export 2013/11/7 10:48
Candy and snack products are typically okay to be exported into other countries. The only food items that really cause a problem are fresh meats and some veggies and fruits.

If you have any doubts about what can be brought into a country, just do a google search and you should find the answer.
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