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Fishing in Hiroshima as a tourist 2013/11/8 01:37
do you think an idea of [fishing experience in hiroshima] will work?
im thinking to host one of my best friends coming from US in such a way that he will never forget what he experiences in hiroshima. (he says he wants to go to hiroshima)

he loves sushi and fishing on a boat. so i was looking for a fishing boat where we can have really fresh sushi or sashimi with fish we will catch on the boat.

but since i have never fished on a boat in hiroshima and he is just a tourist coming from US with a pretty busy schedule, i have no idea if my idea works. he will stay in hiroshima for 2 or 3days, spending a day in Miyajima and the other days in hiroshima city. it looks like taking at least a day.....
i just wanna keep it secret from him until he comes...

if you have ever planned so or have any idea just let me know!!
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Re: Fishing in Hiroshima as a tourist 2013/11/8 13:16
Ask each ship web site(=HP:home page) by e-mail.

Kind of fishes like this. (fishing reports)
click each month(月)
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Re: Fishing in Hiroshima as a tourist 2013/11/8 17:06
i have checked a couple of online fishing websites and i came to realize that i havent seen pictures or reviews of international tourists so far....

so i also wanna know if they have thought of the plan and tried to do so.

thanks though!
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