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How do Japanese W. care for their complexion? 2013/11/10 22:55
Japanese women have good complexion. How do they care? I really wanna know. I'm more interested in caring in natural ways. If u know pls share me.
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Re: How do Japanese W. care for their complexion? 2013/11/11 15:23
I do not I care about the makeup too.
However, I think that you do not tan is the best in the skin.
Ultraviolet(UV) light, so not good to skin.
I wear a hat about the summer.
I see many people who walk with a parasol in the summer.
In addition, people walking in long sleeves even in the summer and you are.
Maybe, people sunscreen cream often.
I put on makeup use of lotion, emulsion, Foundation, I'm wash my face with cleansing cream at night.
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Re: How do Japanese W. care for their complexion? 2013/11/11 16:38
Japanese women as opposed to whom, I wonder. Even within Japan, people in certain regions (such as cold places or places with good onsens or good nutrition) have a better reputation on complexion.

But I suppose we can say that a lot of Japanese women are more concerned about keeping their skin young-looking, healthy-looking, smooth and spotless forever. For example, for that reason they avoid tanning from a younger age (because they believe that the spots you get when you're old comes from the tans you got when you were young) and use a lot of skin-care goods.

But then, beauticians also tell me that those with better skin tend to do no skin-care, so you can't really tell what's good or bad.

I suppose that a lot of women in Japan are also aware that a good diet will keep you pretty. For example, avoiding constipation is important both for your beauty and health, and in order to do that people try to take in fiber and fermented foods. Balanced meals and vitamins are also considered to be important. And a lot of Japanese women look up to Korean skin and figure that it's because of the great balance of meat and vegetables.

Needless to say, cosmetics, domestic and foreign, are abundant.
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