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Graffiti 2013/11/24 06:19
I am a photographer in the Kanagawa Prefecture(Ayase). I am looking for an area with nice graffiti to use as a backdrop. I am willing to drive up to an hour. Does anyone know any good locations?
by Lilmain98  

Re: Graffiti 2013/11/24 10:52
There is no such thing as nice graffiti. It is all vandalism of other people's property.

For you to encourage such illegal behavior is reprehensible.

Many years ago such vandalism would never have even been considered in Japan. Now is is creeping everywhere, thanks in part due to people like you.
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Re: Graffiti 2013/11/24 10:55
Thank you Susan. You definitely highlighted a perspective I never thought about. Appreciate your honesty.
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Re: Graffiti 2013/11/24 14:44
Some people are quite narrow minded. Graffiti can be art if done right and in the proper venue. While I do appreciate other people's opinions, having such a general dislike for something they probably don't know much about is quite disheartening.

I saw graffiti in Ishinomaki on March 11, 2012 and it was still there, without any change, on October 14, 2013. At least someone there does appreciate it and it wasn't hurting anyone.

One thing I've noticed here is that quite a few people who really have beefs with others and resort to generalization and negativity are the ones who always sign on as (guest). I wonder why that is....
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Re: Graffiti 2013/11/24 18:46
In 5 trips to Japan we saw graffiti for the first time this year: so surprising that we both exclaimed at seeing it.
I would suggest another item for your gbackdroph.
As a resident of Melbourne, which has alleys dedicated to "street arth, there is a distinct difference to gstreet arth and outright vandalism, I agree.
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Re: Graffiti 2013/11/24 20:42
It's not graffiti.
Hut in front of the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art is an art appearance.
Such as Barry McGee seems to draw a picture.
I live in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Is there a graffiti near, but not in the picture such that the background of the photo.
There was a large amount of graffiti in Sakuragi-cho old days, but it does not seem right now.
As tunnels to draw a mural of the art of the school on the contrary, is increasing.
When I went to Barcelona before, I was surprised at the beauty of street art.
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