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How/where to sell iphone 4s? 2013/11/28 16:59
I have a Softbank iphone 4s 16gb, the 2 year contract is up in May 2014 (I think) but I'm leaving Japan at the end of January.

As Softbank won't unlock their phones, I'd like to sell it before I go. It'll cost me 10k or so to break the contract. The phone is already paid for.

I've seen ads on CL, but ideally I'd like to just go to a store, sell it and get cash straight away. I thought there might be stores in Akihabara that do something like that?

Does anyone know of any stores that buy second hand phones?
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Re: How/where to sell iphone 4s? 2013/11/28 23:24
You can sell at Sofmap Akihabara kaitori center. Do you know where the shop is? It's near Torano-ana B Akihabara on Chuo-dori Avenue. Ask any of sofmap staff if you have lost the way. Only Kaitori center of sofmap buys iPhone4s(no any other shops of sofmap buy). I think iPhone4s is the max price of 16,000 YEN as shops buy. Clean iPhone before you sell & bring all adapters USB cable, manuals and box with your ID(Gaijin card or Zairyu card) together.
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Re: How/where to sell iphone 4s? 2013/12/5 02:37
Thanks very much for the information. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, I didn't realize it had been moved into this part of the forum!
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