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Skype w/ JP Company - Want to Cancel 2013/11/28 23:30

I recently went to a local Japanese/ English job fair for the purpose of seeing the options I have to work in Japan, learn about some companies, and network.

I submitted my resume to some companies not expecting anything but was offered an interview with a big Japanese company.

I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow but to be honest I feel it might be a waste of time and I REALLY WANT TO CANCEL. Let me explain....

1.) Even if I am offered this job I dont think I will take it - I'M NOT READY TO WORK ABROAD AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE

2.) Unfortunately, I do not have any professional attire to wear for this interview. Its thanksgiving and I left home, stupidly leaving my professional clothes behind.

3.) I don't want to waste the interviewer's and my own time. I planned to use this interview for practice, but I FEEL I WILL BE WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME BECAUSE I WILL NOT TAKE THIS JOB.

Please give me your suggestions!! I need your help!!!!

by Jobseeker (guest)  

Re: Skype w/ JP Company - Want to Cancel 2013/11/29 10:37
How did they contact you in the first place? Email?

If so, send them an email to say you are no longer interested in the position and wish to cancel the inteview. Pretty simple...
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