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Surface Mail? 2013/11/29 02:14
I bought some beauty products on a Japanese website and those product got shipped to my friend in Japan.

I wasn't aware of the shipping restrictions such as product containing alcohol(nails polish, perfume) can't be shipped by airmail so now half of the products I bought are stuck in Japan.

Is there other shipping options I can use? I know about surface mail but I am not sure if they got the same restrictions.

My friend told me at first they said yes, she can ship it but later told her they only accept certain amount... then later, when she asked again, they said no alcohol. I am really confused and need help. Please someone give me some advice about what to do. I'm not going to Japan and my friend is not coming to the UK anytime soon

I am living in the UK(United Kingdom)
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Re: Surface Mail? 2013/11/29 11:20
It really depends on what kind of alcohol you want have sent... You can find guidelines here:
Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

I think it is cagetorised under "Flammable liquids" and you can find more details here.
Hazardous materials - Flammable liquids
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