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Ruparasu and bathroom mold? 2013/11/29 15:07
how to use
Does anyone know how to use this mold product? and is it effective?

As soon as I clean the bathroom, black mold grows again so fast! and it's not easy to get it off..

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Re: Ruparasu and bathroom mold? 2013/12/5 15:37
Its essentially gelled cholorine bleach. You apply it directly to the mold and let it sit for a while before rinsing it off. Scrubbing may also help break up some of the mold. You might also look into the カビキラー product which is a bleach spray if you need to do larger areas. Both are effective at killing mold temporarily, but you'll still need to clean regularly to keep mold at bay, especially during the humid summer months.
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