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Sushi restaurant in Tokyo 2013/12/8 12:33
Dear all,

I'm currently preparing everything my girlfriend who is coming here in the end of December! We plan to stay in Tokyo, Izu and Kyoto!
And now, I really need to find a very traditional good suschi restaurant in Tokyo! I'd like it to be not so large but prefer also to find some seats not only around rolling table with sushi-dishes!
One my colleague from the company has recommended this one:

What do u think about this (prices, circumstances, menu card, size, how traditional it is)??

Thank you so much for any help, information and advices!
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Re: Sushi restaurant in Tokyo 2013/12/9 12:12
Kappa Sushi is a kaiten zushi with the conveyor rotating around. very popular and famous
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Re: Sushi restaurant in Tokyo 2013/12/9 12:59
This one looks nice and traditional. You see that they have counter seating - that's where some regulars (of course new visitors too) might be able to chat with the chef as they order sushi, so if you want to do that, you can try the counter. (Personally in the past I found the counter seating a bit busy for a date/romantic dinner, if you know what I mean.) If you want to sit back and relax a bit, go for the table. But seeing the size of the whole place, I would say it is not really a place you would stay the whole evening long.

Try searching on the "bento.com" website. They have some descriptions of various sushi restaurants in Tokyo, from "conveyor type" to expensive places, in English.
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Re: Sushi restaurant in Tokyo 2013/12/11 14:33
You should tell which area you are looking at for sushi dinner first. You know, there are thousands of sushi bars in the city and hard to tell which fits your requirement best without knowing it. You do not have to travel all the way long from one side to another.

Tsukiji is a good place to experience sushi breakfast, for instance just like this:

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Re: Sushi restaurant in Tokyo 2013/12/11 21:47
If I stay in Shinjuku, where would be the nearest Kappa Zushi outlet?

Or maybe I should ask, are there any Kappa Zushi near any touristy places?
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Re: Sushi restaurant in Tokyo 2013/12/13 12:57
Try Mikan Buri sushi.
It is Yellow Tail fed mixed with Mikan(Mandarin Orange). It gives less fishy smell but slightly orange.
They are served at Kura Kaiten Sushi restaurants. There are many in Tokyo area and one near Shinagawa station.
Supposedly, sushi with strawberry smell maybe on the way soon, lol.
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