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Insect questions (pictures) 2013/12/13 00:21
I was looking through some of my Japan photos from a previous trip and tried to make out what these insects might be. Would appreciate if someone could help me identify them if possible, not all pictures are in good quality so if they are too hard to see, then I can skip it. Could be interesting though to know if there are any poisonous insects among these.

All photos were taken in May and October this year.

1. Some kind of silkworm hanging from a tree in Naoshima:

2. Found in the Little World theme park in Inuyama:

3. Might be a kind of ladybug, found near Uzusan by Lake Toya:

4. Random grasshopper found in Nara:

5. This little fellow was found outside my room in a Toyoko Inn hotel in Osaka:

6. Another grasshopper, found on a mountain in Shizuoka:

7. Caterpillar-insect found in Kamakura:

8. Spider in Kamakura:

9. These were hanging near a temple entrance in Kamakura:

10. And this one hanged apparently not bothered by being close to benches near food stalls in yet another temple in Kamakura:
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Re: Insect questions (pictures) 2013/12/13 09:44
1, 2, 7, caterpillars (larvae) of some butterflies or moths. While they are not poisonous, their "spikes" can get you itchy, so better not touch them.

3, yes, a ladybug, but they come in so many different patterns I can not pinpoint the exact name.
4. Locusta migratoria, or migratory locust. One of the best-looking grasshoppers (in my mind).

5. Acrida cinerea, a very common grasshopper in Japan. Sorry, I cannot find the English name.

6. I believe this is a variant of the migratory locust - the colors can be different depending on where they live, and male/female.

8, 9, cannot quite tell.

10. Probably Nephila clavata, a common spider in Japan.
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Re: Insect questions (pictures) 2013/12/13 14:49
Japaeses Caterpillars with long spine kinds are moth most(not butterfly).
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Re: Insect questions (pictures) 2013/12/13 19:03
I think 8 is the one I see in my garden in Yokohama. 9 can be anything. I don't recall seeing public notices warning they are poisonous.
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Re: Insect questions (pictures) 2013/12/14 01:50
Thanks a lot for your replies guys.

I guessed the larvaes were not very good to touch, at least they were friendly enough to stay off my camera lens. I have heard of larvae or spiders that jump (quite high), marksman spiders perhaps? Hence the pictures got rather blurry of the spiders, but I saw an awfully lot of them in Kamakura this October. Heading through a small street I met a man with his young daughter, they saw a net of spiders hanging from above, watched it and took a long way around it.

I suppose there might be some spider or spiders that are poisonous (perhaps "imported"), so I try to be careful. Bright colours do tend to warn of being poisonous.

I also remember seeing one of those camel grasshoppers, cave wartbiters or whatever they are called, but I did not get the chance to take a picture of it (quick little fellow), but it scared the heck out of another tourist travelling in the elevator. The sight of it walking past the elevator doors as they opened was quite amusing...
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