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Japanese food questions 2013/12/13 00:39
Looking through pictures I found several food item I have tried to identify through a previous Japan trip, some are from breakfast plates, some from bentoboxes. I have marked the unknown items with a red circle. If anyone knows what this might be then I would be happy and would appreciate it very much. I still miss the taste of Japanese food so much...

1. Toyoko Inn Okayama. Some kind of pickles?

2. Toyoko Inn Okayama again:

3. I know this is no Japanese food but Korean, cant remember the name of these pancakes, as well as the other items on the plate. Kimchi? It is from Little World in Inuyama:

4. Part of the breakfast plate from Rasso Ice Berge Hotel in Sapporo:

5. Random bentobox bought in Asahikawa. Not sure what kind of mushroom this might be as well as the flower like thing. Seems like the pattern has been printed onto this thing. I have seen some of the same kind of food item in ramen but with a red spiral pattern instead.:

6. Bentobox bought in Hakodate. The pink item in the middle left looks like pickles or something and the bottom right like eggplant. Top left looks like shredded cheese but tasted like vegitables...

7. A sushi bento box bought on Shinkansen train from Aomori to Tokyo. Not sure what this snail like thing in the middle is:

8. Pork katsu I think it is from Ghibli Museum Strawhat Café. Is there a reciepe for this one?:

9. Some kind of "fishrolls" I bought in Tomonoura:

10. A bento bought at Nagoya station I think. http://s23.postimg.org/wixifqwor/PA060984.jpg

Thank you very much for any help, I appreciate it very much.
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Re: Japanese food questions 2013/12/13 10:32
1. Yes, the white one is "daikon" radish, the green one at the bottom is cucumber, both pickled. Orange one (carrot) and the light brown one (lotus roots) and darker brown one to the right (burdock) were probably cooked together in fish soup stock flavored with soy sauce and cooking sake.

2. Pumpkin and probably "fuki" (bog rhubarb?) cooked in the similar way as the carrot and other veggies in 1.

3. Jeon or jijimgae (or jijim), Korean dish, with some kimchee on the side.

4. Yellow one on top is another pickled "daikon" radish (called "takuan"), the one on the bottom is macaroni salad, and the one on the right are probably burdock and Konjac (konnyaku) blocks cooked together.

5. "Shiitake" mushroom to the left. The pink & white thing on the right are white-fish meat ground and steamed ("kamaboko"), with food coloring given. The one on the ramen are called "naruto-maki." They are made in cylinder form, then sliced :)

6. Top: "kinshi-tamago" egg cooked in a thin layer, then cut finey. Pink stuff: another "daikon" radish pickled. Bottom: yes, it looks like eggplant.

7. Scallops cooked with soy sauce and sugar/cooking sake.

8. Yes, I believe it is pork cutlet.

9. Yes, this is called "chikuwa" - fish (in this case sea bream) meat is ground, then molded around a skewer, steamed then grilled a bit (to get this golden color).

10. Upper left: shrimp and (probably) pork breaded and fried, then dipped in sauce, Nagoya style; lower left: probably eel cooked in barbecue sauce, sitting on top of flavored rice and a layer of finely shredded egg; upper right; breaded and fried (probably) shrimps wrapped on to a rice ball (onigiri) - this style of rice ball with fried topping is called "ten-musu"; lower right: I see egg, Eddoe or Taro yam, green peas, a slice of "shiitake" mushroom, carrot, burdock, grilled fish fillet, and "chikuwa" again.
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Re: Japanese food questions 2013/12/14 02:05
Wow, did not expect it all in one answer. I appreciate this very much. Thanks a dozen for this reply AK. :D
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Re: Japanese food questions 2013/12/16 16:58
Great pictures. Now I'm hungry haha
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