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Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/14 00:52
I'd love to have a photographe of me and my sister in from of the Kinkakuji ... in kimono! But I'm not sure:
1. Would the Japanese and temple people be offended?
2. I know there are stairs around the temple (not good in geta). So are there toilets near the Kinkakuji pavillion where we could change?
I know it's a crazy idea and I'm not sure if it's doable.
Thank you very much for your answers!
by M. Claire (guest)  

Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/14 12:09
I can't imagine putting on kimono properly in a small space like a bathroom. It's not just possible. Are you going to wear kimono or yukata? Gata doesn't go with kimono. You need to wear Zouri.
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Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/14 12:19
I don't know how good and convenient. there are rental Kimono places(you can change clothes) near Kinkakuji.
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Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/14 18:44
Sorry. I was thinking yukata, not kimono.
Thanks for the links.
I was thinking more of going to Kinkaku-ji in my own yukata and , as there are stairs after the pavillon and it is difficult to climb them in yukata, change right after the photo.
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Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/15 17:13
Well, when are you going to visit Kyoto?
Yukata is light style of kimono for hot and humid summer season.
So, I'm afraid that if you visit Kyoto other seasons and wear Yukata, it looks so strange.(adding to it, it may too cold to walk around and taking photos.)
SORRY if you already know about it.

Anyway, there are shops which help you to wear your own yukata and makeup.

It's not so hard way to walk, but reccomend you to use taxi to get there so that your plan get easier to carry out.

Hope this helps
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Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/17 08:43
In the warmer months, many people enjoy wearing yukata in Kyoto. So while you may get some looks if you're an obvious foreigner in a yukata, nobody will think it strange. And there are alternate footwear options for yukata some of which are more like flip flop type sandals just with a thick wooden sole. I don't think it will be too difficult to get around Kinkakuji in a yukata. You'll be limited to how quickly you can move already with the yukata so moving a little slower for footwear won't be too much of an issue.

The biggest problem will be working around the crowds to get nice pictures. So make sure you try to plan to go on a weekday and possibly first thing in the morning to limit the amount of people you'll run across.
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Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/17 15:37
Thank you very much for your advises.
Yes I was thinking of visiting Kinkakuji around summer, during the Obon week to be exact. That's why I was wrong when talking about kimono, I was thinking yukata.
And I was also thinking of going there at the opening hours (around 9o'clock).
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Re: Kinkakuji in kimono? 2013/12/28 19:08
Foreigners in kimono/yukata are a common sight all around Kyoto these days, have done it myself! No, you won't offend, or even surprise, anyone.

I don't remember there being that many stairs around Kinkakuji, and it isn't that hard to negotiate them wearing geta in any case, in my experience at least! I wouldn't worry about changing unless you particularly want to.

Kyoto is very busy during Obon, there are likely to be queues for the toilets, plus it can be very very humid and stuffy in the non-airconditioned cubicles in summer- I'd hate to have to struggle my way out of a yukata and into street clothes in a toilet in summer!
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