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Econnect no limit plan data vs 1gb limited? 2013/12/15 22:32
I'm traveling 21 days to Japan and I have this big doubt.

I have the doubt of what is better for me: the no limit data plan (but 300kbps) or full speed 1gb limited.

I will use this:
-Google maps (a lot!!!, it's my first trip)
-Whatsapp, Kakao Talk and Line.
-Some web surfing (looking for information about the places to go)!

I don't want to stay all the time looking at the MB counter but I don't want to wait 10 minutes to have a map working...

So what do you think is the best for me? I wont use Skype with 3g (only wifi in hostel).

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Re: Econnect no limit plan data vs 1gb limited? 2013/12/19 19:33
These rental deals are a total rip off, but of course choice is limited. If you can get a Japanese friend to register for a 980yen a month 4G SIM the go for that. Might work with a foreign credit card. Or Wi2 WiFi hotspots are 380 yen a month.


Let me know.
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