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where is my family crest? 2013/12/20 18:52
well since around 2005 i lived my whole life in Fukuoka, I was adopted at the start of 2006 and I lived between Japan and Australia since then. I'm currently in japan now and I am searching for my family crest. My family name is Niita, I don't remember what kanji it was written with as I was 8 when I last wrote and saw it( think it was V“c) my name was changed to my adoptive parents name after my adoption. I wanted to find out the origin of the Niita clan, I remember my dad saying we had samurai heritage and the Niita clan was 'popular' around 13th centaury but that's all I have.

1) Australia's Japanese population is VERY small so I couldn't anything at any libraries or heritage places or museums. There are no Japanese culture clubs or anything at all really. I haven't even met another Japanese person in my area! Most Asians here are Hmong.

2) I looked in Fukuoka but the Niita clan is not originally Fukuokan so there was nothing, plus a fire destroyed a lot.

3) Both my parents were born Niita's (not related-at it's not traceable anyway haha)

that is all I have unfortunately. My name is Aya Niita/ Niita Aya (birth name)
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Re: where is my family crest? 2013/12/21 09:08

Above also read Niita or Niida in addition to V“c.

V“c has seemingly at least 9 different crests. You can not pinpoint your family crest by your last name only.

Vˆä“c has three, in addition, for instance.

So first you have to find out how to write your myouji in kanji and your parents birth place. Some of the names are unique by region.

Good luck.
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Re: where is my family crest? 2013/12/21 22:02
V“c is generally pronounced as "nitta".
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