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Gift Question 2014/1/7 10:16
I've been on an extended trip in Japan have gotten to know some local people at an izakaya. I went there on my birthday and was surprised to receive a cake as well as gifts I consider generous (not to mention thoughtful!).

I'll be returning to this izakaya a couple more times during my stay, and there will be a farewell party for me. I'd like to do something for the lovely owner as well as another person who gave me such lovely birthday presents.

However, I have no idea of what gifts or gestures would be appropriate, much less express my gratitude.

Any input is appreciated, and thanks!
by Eren (guest)  

Re: Gift Question 2014/1/7 10:46
Specialty items from your home country (or other parts of Japan if you're not able to get things from home in time) are always appreciated. If you noticed that the owner of the izakaya had any special decor that you could add to that would be great, too. I knew an owner that displayed foreign money so I gave him some specialty coins from my country as a thank you once.

Cards thanking them for everything would also be a nice touch. And don't worry about spending a lot of money. As long as it's well intended and thoughtful they should appreciate it.
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Re: Gift Question 2014/1/7 10:57
Take some photos with them and when you return to your country, print them, and send back to them with a thanks letter.
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