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Are there slugs in Japan? 2014/1/8 08:46
This may seem like a really odd question, but I have a terrible slug phobia. I'm fine with sea slugs and leeches- but I can't bear land slugs- the bigger, the worse. I'm considering going to japan this/next year, so I'd like to know if I need to be mentally prepared... I can't google this because there are bound to be pictures of slugs... and I'm a wimp. Please be considerate and don't post pictures of slugs- I have tried to acclimatise by picking them up and staring at them until I had a nervous breakdown when I was younger- so I'm not just being silly aout this.
Other questions- how big they are, what colours, what conditions they favour so I can hope to avoid them!
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Re: Are there slugs in Japan? 2014/1/8 14:09
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there are slugs in Japan. They're called Namekuji, and are usually brown and grow to just a few centimeters in length. On the bright side, you're unlikely to encounter them unless you do a lot of gardening.
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Re: Are there slugs in Japan? 2014/1/9 03:06
Never saw a single slug while I was in Japan, but I guess it could just be luck of the draw. We spent a lot of time outdoors, even in mountains and never saw any. The weirdest bugs we saw were a small green spider and some kind of beetle.
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Re: Are there slugs in Japan? 2014/1/9 09:07
Yes there are, but unless you turn over flower pots (they like the moist surface) in gardens, you wouldn't have to face them. And they are beige to light brown color, at biggest a few centimeters long, so no big deal - true, I have seen far larger ones in other countries :)
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Re: Are there slugs in Japan? 2014/1/9 13:26
Do you like looking at snails? think of slugs as naked snails. they are harmless..
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Re: Are there slugs in Japan? 2014/1/13 12:02
Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I have occasionally seen slugs indoors in several places I have lived in Japan (in and around Tokyo). They seem oddly attracted to bathrooms for some reason. All of these places were houses rather than apartments, I doubt you'll see any slugs above the second floor!

Slugs here are tiny, as someone said above, about 3cm (just over an inch) long at the most.
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