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ma-kun 2014/1/8 10:55

Don't want to waste time with irrelevant details so here's the situation. I am 22 yr. old American male in a newly started distance relationship with a 30 yr. old Japanese female. During a conversation this morning I said I would be waiting for her response after work she replied 「うん、またあとでね、マーくん」. Out of curiosity what does マーくん mean? I ran a search and only wound up receiving information about the Chiba Lotte Marines. Is マーくん the team mascot?
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Re: ma-kun 2014/1/8 15:05
Is your name Mark or Marvin?
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Re: ma-kun 2014/1/8 15:10
I assume your name is Mark, Mike or Mack in the context... If so, まーくん is you.

まーくん reads like 'ma:kun'.

Otherewise, the most famous まーくん in Japan is Masahiro Tanaka for Rakuten Golden Eagles with the last season W-L record of 24-0, who is going to the MLB this spring.
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Re: ma-kun 2014/1/8 18:51
I guess your name must be something like Mark, Marvin, etc. She made a nickname out of your first name. Often "-kun" is added at the end of a first name to turn it into a casual nickname (for guys).

Of course, that is done with Japanese male names as well, such as Makoto, Masahito, etc. etc., that starts with "Ma-." Probably there is someone on that team by that name (sorry I'm not following baseball at all).

A friendly reference to you, in any case :)
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Re: ma-kun 2014/1/8 20:06
I think you look like Japanese well known baseball player Msahiro Tanaka who is called Ma-kun.

Tanaka Ma-kun is NOT a handsome guy.
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Re: ma-kun 2014/1/11 05:44
@tokyo friend, that was rude .

She just give you a nick name that's all.
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