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Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/13 06:17
Im deathly allergic to eggs, and will be visiting Japan in the spring. Im trying to learn a few phrases and words in Japanese, but i know that it won't ammont to actually having a conversation with a real Japanese person.

My question is does anyone know how to ask / tell (or write?) the waitress that I'm allergic to eggs? I don't really want to die while on vacation. lol

Thank you, this is much appreciated as we are not going with a tour group, and i don't know anyone who speaks Japanese to ask.
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/13 16:56
This is a list of organic restaurant.
http://www.kinomama.jp/search/pref/% E6% 9D% B1% E4% BA% AC% E9% 83% BD
In Japanese, Egg allergy is the Tamago(卵、たまご) allergy(アレルギー).
This is a list of the store has a food allergy display(表示、ひょうじ、hyouji).
Please google to translate.
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/13 22:39
I assume you have zero knowledge of japanese? You could use hand sign by crossing your arms making an "X" sign which means no in japan. So saying tamago(egg) and crossing your arm would mean "no egg". Remembering allergy word which is pronounced arerugī in japanese might be useful too.

Also study the food list below and check wikipedia for more extensive explanation for each one
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/13 22:47
thank you both. Your right, i don't speak any Japanese. Ive learned short phrases like please , thank you , hello , goodbye, english, .... and now EGG and ALERGY! thank you. i think i will write it out as well in case I'm pronunciation is bad.
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/13 23:11

If you're "deathly" allergic, don't rely on anonymous internet users like us.

Book a reliable hotel with a trustworthy conceirge and ask the conceirge to have a card written in Japanese saying you're criticyally allergic to eggs. Always carry that card, and try to have all your meal reservation made by that conceirge, too.

The following website might help too.

Bon Appetite!

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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/14 02:19
thank you, i do understand what you are saying. I've never been to Japan before, and i was actually thinking of asking the hotel concierge (if they spoke english) to do that for me. But i think its also a good idea to try to know what to say, and possibly read the word for 'EGG' on ingredient lists. I really appreciate all the help!
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/14 08:28
Just in case where you have the chance,,,the translation for "I'm allegic to eggs." is "(watashi wa) tamago no alelugii ga arimasu." If you have a concern about your pronounciation (allegy in Japanese is pronounced very differently from the one in English.), I recommend transcribing this phrase below onto a piece of paper and carry it around.
タマゴ ノ アレルギー ガ アリマス。

Take care and enjoy your stay in Japan.
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/14 08:36
Yes I all agree with Uco-san. It'll be better to make sure about the advice with the hoetel concerge.

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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/14 11:03
If you're really "deathly" allergic to eggs, I'd suggest having a backup plan that doesn't rely on simply showing a written card to a part-time, underpaid waiter who may or may not speak Japanese, and hoping that he or she takes it into the kitchen to consult with the busy line cooks in the middle of meal service. (And crossing your arms and saying "tamago" isn't a backup plan.)
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/14 18:39
Thank you for your attention. I also agree with Umami Dearest, which is the very reason I strongly suggested you get in touch with the right concierge.

And the right concierge means a person who can speak the language you can understand!

Trust me. That's what I did when my son was still severely alleric to eggs, and it was all worth my effort and money!
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Re: Allergy to Eggs? 2014/1/15 05:43
Saying Japanese not to hard speak own or not.
Fastest way by google translate copy Japanese then click speaker icon(cell phone apps works off lines).
Not need translate.(in this case wrong answer both JP to EN/EN to JP)

Learn to natural speaking recommend this web.
Bellow copy and select speaker icon with JP flag then click "再生する(play)" button very eazy.
Sumimasen, Watashi niwa shinkokuna TAMAGO-arerugiiga arimasu.
Taihen mo(u)siwake arimasenga, dono ryori ni haitteiruka oshiete itadake masenka?
Second phrase means "Pls tell me which food include or not?".
If felt reading speed fast click "遅い(slow)" to smaller number from 100.(ex 80)
"google translate" speaking function mostly not wrong just not natural.

Also if menu with picture more simple phrase
Kono ryori ni TAMAGO wa tukawarete imasuka?
(Is this food include egg?)
こちらのメニューの中で 卵が含まれる料理はどれですか?
Kochirano menyu no nakade TAMAGO ga hukumareru ryori wa dore desuka?
(Which food include egg these menu?)

BTW, egg allegic all kinds? fishes,birds and more?
This is menu list of JP foods include eggs.
(copy URL to google translate)
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